Image Specifications

This is the most important part of the process pet portrait process.

I will not accept images that do not follow the guidelines.
If the image of your fur-baby is not good then the pet portrait will not look good. I want you to be happy with your art piece.

Mouths need to be closed.

Dog Portrait

You will notice on the first image of you can see:

  1. The eyes looking straight ahead. The dog is not looking up or down at you.
  2. The nose level points down not up.
  3. You can see a shadow under the chin.
  4. There are no shadows on the left or right side of the face.


  1. 1. Make sure your phone or camera is at the highest resolution. If you do not know how to do this - refer to your phone or camera user manual.

2.  Make sure the image is clear and not blurry or grainy. To do this you need to view the image at 100%.

3. For an 11 X 14 print, the face size needs to be around 1.17 MB. The dimensions need to be around 1944 X 1944 To find out the size and dimensions of the image. Click on the image and it will tell you the size.


Lighting key points

  1. Taking the picture outside will not work. But if you are... make sure the sun is behind you (the camera person). It will not work if the sun is behind the dog or at high noon.
  2. If you are taking the picture in the house. The sun or light still needs to be behind you or shut the shades/drapes. Turn on all the lights in the room you are taking the picture in. If it still too dim use your flash.


If you are standing and taking a picture of your fur baby on the floor and they are looking up at this will not work.

  1. Images need to be front facing. (Not you looking down at your pet and your pet looking up.)
    • An easy way is to have your pet sit on the couch or bed.
  2. Give your dog a treat to sit still.
  3. We want to focus on the face.
  4. Don't get too close or the nose will look to big.




Here are some more good eCat Portraitxamples:


Dog Portraits


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