Pet Portraits

I am in the process of updating the styles on the website. If you would like to see all the styles.

All Styles

  • Pet Portrait – Miss Bell

    Pet Portrait – Miss Bell

    Custom Dog Portrait - Custom Cat Portrait Miss Bell -  A pretty yellow dress for the bell of the ball. Your fur…

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  • Pet Portrait – Vintage Couple

    Pet Portrait – Vintage Couple

    Custom Pet Portrait This vintage portrait was create from old vintage photos pieces that I colorize and combine together to…

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  • Pet Portrait – Marie Antoinette

    Pet Portrait – Marie Antoinette

    Custom Pet Portrait Marie Antoinette said " Let them eat cake". If your puppy or kitty would cute in this…

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  • Pet Portrait – John

    Pet Portrait – John

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT Dear John- John is actually a king but in a really cute outfit. This could be a girl…

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  • Pet Portrait – Me Stodgy

    Pet Portrait – Me Stodgy

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT - CUSTOM CAT PORTRAIT He is regal and stodgy. How can you resist him with his top…

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  • Pet Portrait – Sargent

    Pet Portrait – Sargent

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT - CUSTOM CAT PORTRAIT Sargent - The Sargent rules the roost. Most styles can be a cat or…

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  • Pet Portrait – Queen Dog Portrait

    Pet Portrait – Queen Dog Portrait

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT - CUSTOM CAT PORTRAIT QUEEN - She has always been the Queen. She runs the house. But have…

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  • Pet Portrait – Monte Cristo

    Pet Portrait – Monte Cristo

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT -  CUSTOM CAT PORTRAIT Monte Cristo - The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by French…

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  • Pet Portrait – King 2

    Pet Portrait – King 2

    CUSTOM DOG PORTRAIT - CUSTOM CAT PORTRAIT The King is in. He is the one who really runs the household.…

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