The Love of My Roxy

The Snooty Pups started out as a personal project. I wanted to create a funny quirky piece for my living room. I love my dogs so I knew I wanted to add them to the mix. I created one piece and every time I walked in the living room I got such joy looking at it. Then it hit me! This would be great for other animal lovers. So The Snooty Pups was born.

Angela the artist:

Custom Pet PortraitThank you for the interest in my products. I have a great love for my animals. Through that this idea was born. I want you to love your canvas or poster as much as I love mine. Every time I walk through my living room and see my pup in the beautifully ridiculous garb it makes me smile. This is what I want for my customers.

I have been a web and graphic designer since 2001. If you would like to see more of my work go here: http://tulsawebdesigncompany.com/

I love working with animals and this gives me a outlet to do this. I want my customers love their piece of art!