Custom pet portraits will hold a special place in the heart of the person that receives it. It is a loving gift that can create reminiscences to last forever. Maybe it is a current pet or of a pet that has passed away, a custom pet portrait may be presented as a special gift to celebrate any occasion.

Christmas Gift for her

A Gift For Her: Commissioning a specially made pet portrait is an excellent special gift for her idea and would make a unique Xmas or birthday gift for her. Something with the special meaning that is enclosed in a pet portrait could even benefit smaller occasions like a housewarming gift. When someone you cherish has a favorite pet in their lives, it is usually worth the effort and expense to get a custom made pet portrait that looks like an oil painting created from a photograph of that pet.


Portraits from your photograph any pet photo can quickly be transformed into custom one of kind pet portrait. An easy snapshot can be excellent, but ensure that it is clear and does not require much background distractions. Please check the image specification page for more information.

Per Portraits

One of kind gift for her only

Custom Pet Prints are capable of rendering a custom pet print from a photo, why not choose us? We are well-versed in making custom pet print for that girl you cherish. I can easily make a custom art print on premium canvas, poster, Giclee paper. However, that is why we focus especially in custom pet portraits. As an experienced artist, my specialty is creating one of kind custom pet portraits to capture the real likeness, expressions and personality of a cherished pet. This is vital since a custom pet portrait will be much-loved for several years when I made one for you. 

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Thoughtful Gifts

Add Spice to your Gift: As part of a wonderful Christmas gift idea, Custom Pet Portraits are one of kind! You pick the outfit that best fits her cat or dog personality. You can also pick an outfit that matches her interior design style. You can check my Instagram account or Facebook to see what I have done so far.

Canvas custom pet portraits are a quirky fun way to present a timeless gift that the receiver will always remember. Whether it is used as a birthday gift idea or for another occasion, the effort and expense will be worth being able to present a gift that will be cherished and loved by someone you care for. It will speak volumes about not only your feelings for them but also show that you understand their love for their pet.

An amazing custom made pet portrait is what you need and that is also my area of specialty.

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